Estimated print time is longer than normal

Estimated print time is longer than normal

The estimated build time can change based on a few factors from previous printing.
If this is the first time you start a build on a printer, it is normal that the estimated print time is very wrong.

If your previous build failed, it is likely that the estimated print time is wrong.

Composer will calculate an estimated print time based on material, exposure settings, part height, etc.
If a print takes longer than Composer calculated, this will be communicated & the software will recalculate accordingly.


Example of when an estimated build time can be wrong

If your models have trapped volume, the printer has to work longer to achieve the correct slice thickness.
Composer does not know why this is taking longer and will adjust the estimated print time accordingly.

Luckily this is generally an easy fix.

1) Clean the build tray


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2) Validate the build platform calibration


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3) Perform 2 test prints to your choosing.

If the first print is successfull, the estimated build time for the second print should be more accurate.

If you are still experiencing technical difficulties

please launch a support ticket via the button below.