Maintenance schedule

General housekeeping

Asiga printers require very little preventative maintenance.

It’s best practice to keep your Asiga printer as clean as possible. This means cleaning up resin drops or spills with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) but also preventing dust build up.

Asiga recommends using a microfibre cloth with cold water to wipe down the outside of the printer.

Follow all instructions and safety advisories mentioned below.

Cleaning the glass surfaces

IPA is a flammable chemical.

Eye or skin contact with uncured resin may cause irritation.

Always wear nitrile gloves.

PRO 4K XL Basin Glass

Keeping the basin glass clean on your PRO 4K XL is extremely important.
The projector will reflect the image through this window & smudges will impact it’s performance.

Watch the video below about how to clean the PRO 4K XL basin glass.

Play Video

Platform calibration

Regular platform calibration will ensure your PRO 4K XL keeps running smoothly.

Asiga recommends calibrating once a month or ever 20 prints.

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Firmware & software

We are continuously working hard to improve our products.

There are regular new firm/software releases with exciting features or speed improvements.

To check if there is a new firmware available for your printer, click on the “ASIGA” logo in Composer for recent announcements!

Asiga announcements


  • Download the latest version
  • Upload the firmware to your PRO 4K XL here