Quick Tips

What are Quick Tips?

Asiga Quick Tips are a series of short videos to help you get the most of our your Asiga workflow.

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Updating software to Composer 2.0

This video will guide you on how to update your Composer installation to Composer 2.0.

Composer 2.0 is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. 

Learn more about Composer 2.0 here >

Importing a material ini file

The Asiga material library is now bursting with well over 500 material profiles from many of the world’s leading material manufacturers. 

A material ini file is a carefully defined set of curing parameters required to successfully print using any 3D printing material.  Asiga has developed these material ini files with the material manufacturer to ensure that you can simply download the profile you need then import it into your Composer installation for plug & play printing. Happy printing!

Updating your printer firmware

Asiga updates printer firmware periodically to improve performance and to fix any bugs. Firmware is different to software.  Firmware controls all the behind the scenes functionality for motors, electronics, signals etc.

If you have seen a notice in Composer that a new firmware is available then we strongly recommend you update your printer to this latest firmware.  This will bring you onto the latest set-up ensuring you immediately benefit from any update that has been made.