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Starting a print

Install Composer

Composer is the bridge between design software & Asiga 3D printers.
Use Composer to prepare parts for 3D printing including nesting, scaling, positioning, supporting & more.

Composer is compatible with a range of file formats including:

System requirements

Operating System








1.6 GHz multi-core


2 GB


64 MB, OpenGL 2.0 or later


3 button with scroll wheel / trackpad

Setting up your first print in Composer

Watch the below video to learn about starting a new print in Composer.

Before starting a new print ensure you have correctly set up your printer.
It is essential that your printer is correctly set up before starting a print to avoid failures.

Access printer via web interface

The printer’s web interface allows you to interact with the printer from the comfort of your desk.

Learn more here >

Stirring material

A crucial step in starting a print is ensuring the material is stirred.
Pigments in resin will settle over time making this such an important step.

Play Video

Starting a print

When a build has been submitted to the printer, follow the steps below to start a print.

To start a print from the web interface  click here >

On the printer Main Menu

  • Select Build Queue
home screen

Select one of the following options:

  • The first build is the previous/cancelled build.
If nothing is visible, check that Composer has correctly transferred the build.
build queue

Confirm the settings on the Print Preview screen.

print preview

The printer will run through a pre-print checklist. Printing will commence automatically if everything is OK.

Print preview

Removing a build

When the printer has finished a build, you can now start to post-process the parts.

Click here to learn more about removing parts & post processing.