Build Tray life

Build Trays

Build Trays are constructed from a rigid plastic outer frame & a film membrane.
The Build Tray holds liquid resin during the 3D printing process.

This film membrane is subject to wear & tear and over time will show signs of fatigue.
This wear can impact print quality & possible risk of damage to the printer. It is important to monitor the condition of the Build Tray.

The Ultra ships with Endurance Build Trays, UltraGLOSS is also available.

Ultra Build Trays come in the following configurations:

  • 2L

The capacity means the tray will print that amount of liquid resin before it stops working.

Checking Build Tray life

From the Settings menu select Hardware >  Material Tray > Material Tray data

The Build Tray usage is displayed in %.

Material Tray
Material tray data